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Practice Manager

Brittany grew up in Sydney and started working at Infinity Dental Care as a junior Dental Assistant. She is very passionate about oral health and is looking to pursue a career in oral therapy in the near future.

Brittany is fascinated by and has learnt about the biology of teeth and record taking, which allows the Dentist to develop a treatment plan for patients to ensure the best options are available. Each day she comes in contact with new experiences and procedures increasing her knowledge and love for dentistry.

After completing years of dental and orthodontic work, Brittany gained a great curiosity about the dental profession. Not only does she find Dental Nursing extremely interesting and challenging but also rewarding. She enjoys meeting new and wonderful faces each day and building a bond with patients – no two days are the same.

Dental health and well being is absolutely vital. It is important to Brittany that patients understand how to maintain their oral health and the importance it has in regard to their overall health.

For Brittany, it is also important patients feel comfortable and they can put their trust in the dental staff and especially the dentist as well as feeling valued and that their needs are our utmost priority.

Having worked in the UK for 11 months as a nanny, Brittany found a great love for children.She looks after children within the community both paid and as a volunteer. She has formed bonds with many of the families. Brittany loves reading and conversing about travel, hearing stories and experiences of those who have gone on adventures.

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