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Kids Dental Check-Up

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Early care for long-term health

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Although your child’s baby teeth fall out naturally, early tooth loss due to decay could lead to their adult teeth coming through crooked. It can also cause gum problems or jaw misalignment. This can then lead to lengthy and expensive restorative treatment in the future such as orthodontics.

That’s why we recommend regular dental checkups for your child at Infinity Dental Care Winston Hills starting from their first birthday. This allows us to monitor your child’s development, check their teeth for signs of decay and give you advice on oral care at home. Regular checkups will also make your child feel more at ease at future dental appointments as they will already be familiar with the sights, sounds and smells of our dental practice.

Baby teeth – also called primary teeth, create the foundation for adult teeth, so it’s advised you bring your child to see us at Infinity Dental Care Winston Hills for a check-up every six months. This will give our team the opportunity to closely monitor tooth and facial bone development.

It will ensure any problems such as teeth not coming through straight, or at all, bone structure development or tiny cavities are diagnosed and treated early. It will also give Dr Yang an opportunity to assess any potential orthodontic problems in their infancy.

During your child’s check-up, their teeth and gums will be examined and any plaque build-up will be removed. Your child may also receive a fluoride treatment for added protection.

If you have yet taken your child for their first check-up or if you have questions we invite you to come in and see us at Infinity Dental Care Winston Hills at Winston Hills mall, 180 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153. Call our friendly staff on (02) 9159 6237 to schedule a consultation.

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