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Sleep Studies

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Sleep Problems

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Sleep problems tend to perpetuate themselves over time. A child who is having night terrors, or extreme nightmares, might later be the child who sleepwalks. Sleep problems will not magically disappear, so it is important to identify them early so appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

There are two general types of sleep problems, behavioural and physiological.

In practice, a combination of both physical and behavioural problems often co-exist. It’s not uncommon for a physical sleep disorder to lead to additional behavioural problems. If it is a behavioural problem, it will typically improve if the child gets their way for a few nights.

If not, there may be something physically wrong, and that’s when a sleep study may be advised.

Sleep is food for the brain and aids in growth for a developing child’s body. During sleep, important body functions and brain activity occur. Skipping sleep can lead to moodiness, daytime fatigue and poor performance either at school or work. When you do not get enough sleep, you are more likely to have an accident, injury and/or illness.


• Sleep is vital to your wellbeing, as important as the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat. It can even help you to eat better and manage stress and help with weight loss
• Biological sleep patterns shift toward later times for both sleeping and waking during adolescence — meaning it is natural to not be able to fall asleep before 11:00 pm.
• Teens need about 9-10 hours of sleep each night to function best (for some, 8 1/2 hours is enough).
• Teens tend to have irregular sleep patterns across the week — they typically stay up late and sleep in late on the weekends, which can affect their biological clocks and hurt the quality of their sleep.
• Many teens suffer from treatable sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy, insomnia, restless legs syndrome or sleep apnoea.


Not getting enough sleep or having sleep difficulties can:
• Limit your ability to learn, listen, concentrate and solve problems
• You may even forget important information like names, numbers, your homework or important events
• Contribute to acne and other skin problems
• Lead to aggressive or inappropriate behaviour.

If you or your child wakes after sleeping and still feels unrested, schedule a sleep study consultation with Dr Jack at Infinity Dental Care Winston Hills today. Call us on (02) 9159 6237 to schedule a consultation. You can visit us at 180 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153.

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