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Stained Discoloured Teeth

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Stained Discolored Teeth

What are the causes of stained teeth? + -

Staining can be intrinsic or extrinsic simply meaning within the tooth or on the tooth’s surface. Staining may occur for reasons such as:

How to a remove staining from my teeth? + -

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Types of Staining:

Extrinsic: Refers to the staining on the outer layer from coming into contact from food that we consume. These stains are superficial and easier to remove. See Dr Jack for options of stain removal treatment or for a brighter smile whitening treatments.

Intrinsic: Refers to the stains below the surface of your teeth. As these stains originate inside of your teeth they can be quite difficult to remove, unlike extrinsic that can be simply removed or brightened. These stains usually require masking from plastic fillings or Crowns/Veneers.

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