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Amalgam Free Dentistry

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The tooth colored solution to silver fillings

For many people, their smile is spoilt by the unsightly appearance of grey amalgam fillings.

That’s why many patients at Infinity Dental Care Winston Hills choose to have their amalgam fillings replaced with porcelain or composite tooth-coloured restorations.

Removal of amalgam fillings is a simple procedure. At Infinity Dental Care we will discuss the process with you as each filling is different.

Once the surrounding area is numbed with a local anaesthetic, our dentist will break-up and dislodge the filling with the use of a fine drill. Cold water is used to keep the filling cool during the process as well as enabling the safe removal of amalgam fillings as it significantly decreases the levels of vapour.

To isolate the tooth during removal and prevent anything from falling into other areas of your mouth, our dentist may use a piece of rectangle shaped rubber known as a dam.

After the safe removal of amalgam fillings and a thorough cleaning, your tooth is ready to receive a new porcelain or composite filling. We will advise on the best solution for your personal circumstance. Speak to our friendly staff on (02) 9838 9111 and schedule your consultation. Our dental practice is located in Winston Hills Mall at 180 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153.

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