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Sleep Dentistry

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Sleep Dentistry

Breakthrough Treatment for Nervous Patients

Sleep Dentistry is a new form of dentistry treatment that is pathing the way for anxious patients.
As many patients experience high levels of anxiety associated with dental procedures, this new treatment allows you to remain calm and comfortable throughout any dental work by sending the body into a special state of sleep. This state of sleep is most comparative to our dream state, where you are unaware of external surroundings, including noise and touch, and remain calm and relaxed during the entire treatment. This peaceful state is possible due to an extremely advanced form of sedation which includes a sedative that is in the same class of drugs as sleeping pills called benzodiazepines.

It is extremely common that anxiety can prevent patients from seeking dental treatments that are required, which can impact on both oral and overall health. Through utilising this treatment, both dentist and patients are able to maintain a healthy relationship with treatments being performed in a positive and comfortable environment.

For more information in regards to sleep dentistry please contact our friendly team at Infinity Dental, or see some of our frequently asked questions.


What do you use? + -

We use a sedative that is in the same class of drugs as sleeping pills called benzodiazepines.

How is it administered? + -

A plastic cannula is first placed in your vein, then the drugs are injected.

Is it admitted in the dental chair and are you monitored? + -

The sedation is completed in the dental chair where you will receive your dental treatment. Monitors are placed on you for the entire treatment to ensure your safety.

How long does it last? + -

The sedation lasts as long as required for the procedure, however some people may feel sleepy for a few hours after sedation because of the by-products of the drugs.

How long is recovery and when can you leave the practice? + -

Recovery is usually within half an hour of the procedures ending. Once the patient is able to communicate and walk safely we allow them to go home.

Do you need to be accompanied to and from the dental clinic? + -

For your safety, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult when leaving the practice as you are unable to drive. 

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