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Going Overseas for Dental Treatment

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Dental Implants

Have you considered going overseas for Dental Treatment?

Dental tourism has become popular; basically you jump on a plane, have some dental treatment and enjoy a holiday at the same time. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately the risks and complications after this type of dental treatment is certainly no holiday.  

The real cost and risks associated with Dental tourism is not only what it costs you to have the treatment completed but also how much it could cost you to fix and repair the dental treatment when it goes wrong.

We are seeing more and more patients coming in to see Dr Jack after their Overseas Dental Treatment with complications.  

What is Dental Tourism?

The reason Dental Tourism is increasing in popularity is because patients think they are getting a good deal, cheap Dental Treatment and an overseas holiday.  Unfortunately low cost Dental treatment means that costs have been cut, from somewhere.  

Consider where these costs could be cut from?

  • Low quality materials
  • Unsensitized instruments and equipment
  • Under-educated practitioners
  • Inadequately trained staff
  • No follow-up care

Using low quality materials means your dental implant may not be manufactured in a clean and regulated facility. Dental materials in Australia are put through stringent regulations to meet the highest quality guidelines. 

Exposing your body to unsensitized instruments and equipment is just dangerous. Infection control management protocols in Australia are regulated and reviewed to provide a high quality health care and a safe working environment for staff. 

Under-educated practitioners, overseas trained dentists may or may not have the same training and experience of Australian practice owners.  In Australia dentists have a very strict set of guidelines to adhere to, you know where your dentist has trained and what university they attended and where they received their dental degree. 

Highly trained dentists in Australia have access to well trained staff.  Professionally trained dental teams have the skills and knowledge to work closely with patients to ensure a high level of care.

If you have concerns about your dental treatment or if things go wrong after treatment there is next to No follow-up care offered to Dental Tourism patients once back in Australia. After treatment you should be closely monitored to ensure your implant does not become infected or have any complications.

Dr Jack and the Infinity Dental Care team in Winston Hills can answer all your question about and look after your dental treatment needs. Our Dental Surgery is located in Winston Hills Mall, come in to make an appointment or contact us for more information.