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Halloween Fun

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Halloween is just around the corner… Can you believe we have just over 2 months of 2017 left?

This year we are having FUN on Halloween, we all have a costume… Can you guess who will be dressed as whom?

Go to our Facebook Page to take your best guess and enter our Halloween Competition to win a prize.  Just a little fun on Halloween!

Do you dress up for Halloween?  Do you go Trick or Treating? A little candy now and then is more than ok, heck, I enjoy candy from time to time too, just remember to brush and floss after your treats.

At Halloween, I prefer to hand out something other than candy, so here are my top alternative Halloween treats:

  • Mini Toys and Bouncy Balls.
  • Stamps and Stickers.
  • Glow Sticks/Balls/Bracelets.

Soon we will be packing away the pumpkin carvings and ghost costumes and we will be putting up the Christmas Tree and starting our Gift Shopping.

The last two months of the year are always frantic at my house. And if you are anything like me, you have left some things to the last minute, things you were hoping to get done in 2017. But now with only 2 months of the year left, well, some things may just not happen.

I know some of you probably have put off some of your necessary dental work. But now is a good time to come in before the Christmas rush and you can use all your unused dental benefits that may run out at the end of this year. You’ve paid your insurance premium so now is the perfect time to get your dental work completed.

Dr Jack is available at Infinity Dental Care Winston Hills Dental Practice, Monday to Saturday at 180-192 Caroline Chisholm Drive Winston Hills NSW 2153. There are usually appointment times available each day to see new patients or dental emergencies.  Give the front office team a call on (02) 9838 9111 to organise a time that suits you, contact us for more information or book an appointment with Dr Jack in Winston Hills.

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