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Missing Teeth

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Do you have missing teeth?  You may be surprised to learn that the average adult between 20 and 64 has at least 3 decayed or missing teeth. (Source ADA)

Missing teeth not only affect the way you look but may affect your speech and eating, making it difficult to chew. Remaining teeth may shift and in some cases, bone loss can occur around the missing tooth.

Dr Jack finds patients say missing teeth cause them to be embarrassed and shy away from smiling and affect the way you feel about themselves as well as how they interact with people day to day as it can alter speech.

Removing teeth is like removing one book from a book shelf, the adjacent books collapse. Removing teeth without subsequent replacement of that tooth is one of the main factors of tooth movement. When these teeth move, this will then change the bite and you may find yourself chewing predominantly on one side permanently altering the jaw and bite position and placing too much pressure on remaining teeth as there is lack balance.

When a tooth is lost, there is a 25% decrease in width of bone during the first year and an overall 4 millimeters decrease in height over the next few years. This will limit your options in terms of replacing this tooth or teeth.

When a tooth is removed the adjacent and opposing teeth follow in the domino effect. This will begin to create spaces and pockets in gums leading to increased food accumulation making it harder to clean, resulting in decay, gum disease and further tooth loss.

With modern techniques, you don’t have to suffer, Dr Jack shares the options to replacing missing teeth:

  • Dental Bridge. Attached to your adjacent teeth, a dental bridge may be fixed or removable or fixed, depending on your needs, Dr Jack will discuss these with you.
  • Dentures. An option if you’ve lost all or most of your teeth. Dentures may replace one tooth or all your teeth, they are affordable and may be fixed or removable.
  • Dental Implants. Can replace one or more missing teeth. Implants feel natural, comfortable and can restore full function.

For the best advise talk to Dr Jack, he will access your situation and give you the most appropriate treatment options. At Infinity Dental Care we see many patients who suffer with missing teeth, we enjoy helping patients eat and smile again after replacing their missing teeth.

For more information about your options, including how much Implants cost or how long the treatment may take, make a consultation appointment with Dr Jack.

Give our team a call on (02) 9838 9111 or drop into our practice at 180 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153 or Book Online Here.