More and more adults in The Hills District are seeing Dr Jack for orthodontic teeth straightening options… Even Dr Jack himself has a new Grill!

Whether you had braces as a kid and it has relapsed or are thinking it might be time to straighten up your smile Dr Jack at Infinity Dental Care can help you.

Why you may need orthodontic treatment?

Crooked teeth are not uncommon, there are many reasons why you might have crooked teeth or an uneven bite:

  • It could simply be just Genetics, the most common causes of orthodontic problems like underbites and overbites.
  • As a child did you bite your lip, or were you a thumb sucker? These habits if not stopped early may of caused your front teeth to become misaligned.
  • If your teeth start moving – As you age teeth naturally move or shift position, it could be due to lose or missing teeth or if you suffer from gum problems.
  • Relapse – If you had braces when you were younger,  further orthodontic treatment as an adult may be required.

How do you now if orthodontics is for you?

Most adults are suitable for orthodontic treatment, if you have crooked teeth or an uneven bite Dr Jack will evaluate your condition and recommend a suitable orthodontic option. Dr Jack often sees patients with:

  • Crowded, crooked or misplaced teeth
  • Protruding teeth (overbites)
  • Underbites
  • Deep bites
  • Jaw and/or facial asymmetry
  • Excessive spacing between the teeth
  • Realignment of the teeth prior to the placement of veneers, crowns, implants or even dentures

Orthodontic options for adults:

As an adult you may find having traditional metal braces unacceptable and unappealing, you are not alone!  Dr Jack at Infinity Dental Care offers a wide range of treatment options that are discreet and fit comfortably into your lifestyle.  At your orthodontic consultation Dr Jack will determine the most appropriate and effective treatment option for your individual care.

Most common options to straighten your teeth are:

Clear aligners (Clear Correct or Invisalign®)
Traditional Metal Braces
Ceramic Braces
Lingual braces
Cosmetic Bonding or Veneers

Straight teeth are generally healthy teeth

Teeth Straightening is not just for good looks, there are many reasons why you might choose to straighten your teeth. Having a healthy smile will boost your confidence but it may also benefit:

Teeth Function
Tooth Decay
Gum Problems
Jaw Join Problems
Airway Management
Sleep Apnoea

For the best advise talk to Dr Jack, he will access your situation and give you the most appropriate treatment options. At Infinity Dental Care we see many patients who choose to have orthodontic treatment and we love seeing the positive outcomes it provides.

For more information about adult braces or other teeth straightening options, including how much Adult Braces cost and how long your treatment may take, make a consultation appointment with Dr Jack.

Give our team a call on (02) 9838 9111 or drop into our practice at 180 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153 or Book Online Here.