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Do I have a Dental Infection?

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Dental Infection

A Dental Infection in your mouth can form very quickly, within one or two days of bacteria entering your system. When the infection builds up and can’t drain out the area will swell and become painful, this is a Dental Abscess.

You may be suffering from one of two types of Dental Infections:

  1. A Gum Abscess

A gum abscess is caused by infection in your gums.  Infection in your gums occurs after food and calculus gets trapped between the gum and tooth. If you suffer from periodontal disease, infection may build up under the gum and bone.

  1. A Tooth-Related Abscess

A tooth-related abscess occurs inside your tooth, when its nerve becomes infected. This type of abscess usually spreads to the surrounding bone.

If you have ever had a dental abscess you will know they are painful, and require treatment as soon as possible.  The longer an abscess is not treated the worse the infection becomes.  When left untreated the damage may be extensive and expensive. A dental infection will not cure itself, only seeking dental treatment will fix the problem.

What Should I do?
If you notice a pimple-like swelling in your mouth, rinse with warm salty water, this will usually help relieve the pain until you can see Dr Jack at Infinity Dental Care.

What Will Dr Jack do?
Dr Jack will access the area to determine what the cause of the abscess is; Gum or Tooth.

Most gum abscesses will heal once the area is thoroughly cleaned, the pus is drained and the infection is treated.

If the infection started inside a Tooth Infections are more difficult to treat, your tooth may need a root canal to treat the infection.

Dr Jack may prescribe you with antibiotics and pain medication to help heal the abscess and reduce the infection from spreading.

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