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Laser Teeth Whitening Cost – Is It Worth It?

by | Aug 15, 2019 | , | Teeth Whitening | 0 comments

Teeth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic treatments, and at Infinity Dental Care we are pleased to offer our patients an affordable laser teeth whitening cost. Thanks to the laser activation of the Epic whitening system, patients can look forward to a faster and more effective teeth whitening treatment that can brighten their teeth by four to six shades.


Is laser teeth whitening for you?

With our social focus on appearance and always being camera-ready, the market has seen an influx of over-the-counter whitening products like toothpastes, gels and whitening strips that typically disappoint patients because they are just not strong enough to penetrate tooth enamel and remove the discolouration.

The most effective way to whiten teeth is through professional laser teeth whitening.


How much does laser teeth whitening cost?

Laser teeth whitening costs are probably more affordable than you would think. Our team will confirm the cost of your treatment once your smile has been assessed.


Why do teeth turn yellow?

When we are born our dentin is pure white, but as we age it starts to become yellow. This effect can be compounded through lifestyle factors like

  • Smoking and tobacco products
  • Drinking red wine, coffee, tea and caffeinated beverages
  • Taking antidepressants and certain medications

Because the dentin is beneath the tooth enamel, it requires a sophisticated product to help it to penetrate it. Epic laser whitening’s formulation includes an advanced bleaching gel that is activated by laser. This speeds up the whitening process, and helps you to achieve your desired result in a shorter time-frame.


laser teeth whitening costs laser teeth whitening cost winston hillsHow Does Laser Teeth Whitening Work? 

Before you can commence any whitening treatment, you need to get your dentist’s approval. This involves a dental check up and cleaning to remove any traces of plaque and tartar from your teeth. This results in a more even whitening result. Your dentist will also inspect your mouth for any signs of tooth decay before beginning a whitening treatment.


Your dentist will record the original shade of your teeth, and together you will discuss which shade of white will work best for you, to achieve a natural looking result.

When your dentist is satisfied with your oral health, your gums and soft tissue will be protected with a liquid dam.

The surfaces of your teeth will be coated with the whitening gel. Your dentist will speed the process up by holding the laser over the surface of your teeth. This also allows your dental practitioner to give more attention to teeth that have more stains, so that your final whitening result is even.

Your dental practitioner will remove the gel five minutes after your second laser cycle and then rinse your teeth to remove any residual traces of bleach.


What Are The Benefits Of Epic Laser Whitening?

Get fast results

Epic laser whitening is currently the fastest in-chair teeth whitening system on the market. Other professional systems take an average of 50 to 60 minutes to produce results while Epic’s results are visible in just 20 minutes after the gel has been applied to the surface of the teeth. This makes the treatment perfect to slot in during a lunch break or a quick stop-over after work.

Achieve a whiter smile

With Epic’s teeth whitening technology, patients can look forward to a smile that is four to six shades whiter. A whiter smile usually helps patients with their self confidence and actually gives them one more reason to smile!

Could laser teeth whitening work for you? Contact our practice today to find out more about laser teeth whitening cost and whether you are a candidate: (02) 9159 6237