Dr Jack is seeing an increase in patients who have considered or have attempted DIY teeth straightening.

Patients can buy a kit online, with a set of very simple instructions, patients take a homemade impression of their teeth and send it back to the company to await the teeth straighten device to arrive in the mail a few weeks later.

Dr Jack says there are many dangers when using DIY teeth straightening kits purchased online, ill-fitting teeth straightening devices can do irreversible and expensive damage to your teeth and gums.  

There is no professional advice considered by patients when they undertake a do-it-yourself teeth straightening process and this is a receipt for disaster! Professional supervision before, during and after teeth straightening is imperative to achieve the best results that will last a life time.

The online DIY teeth straightening kits promise patients great results, convenience at a cheap cost. The reality is patients are disappointed with the results, expose themselves to potentially expensive repairs and because there is no professional supervision during the treatment there is no accountability of the product.

Straightening teeth is a complicated process, Dr Jack has undergone specific post-graduate training to be able to successfully move teeth.  Dr Jack carefully plans your straightening treatment to make sure your teeth, bone and gums are healthy and stay healthy right through your treatment, his goal is that you receive good results in a safe manner

Every patient is different; Dr Jack will customise your treatment to suit your mouths specific needs. Sometimes during your teeth straightening journey Dr Jack may need to re-access and change course, having constant support of a professional during your teeth straightening journey is important.

If you want that perfect smile, Dr Jack urges patients to consider the risks of DIY at-home straightening treatments; there is no need to put the health of your teeth and gums at risk.  There is no substitute for safety or quality, talk to the Infinity Dental Care team and receive a professional comprehensive assessment today.

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DIY Teeth Straightening